jeudi 23 décembre 2010

Hoppipolla Dub Remix de youtube musique

Hoppipolla Dub Remix

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  • this track was done in 2 minutes so leave ozzy alone and show some repect u twats
  • why dont the haters fuck off and go back to your ditches to die ye
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  • I agree, don't mess with such good songs. That's like that shitty Confide "band" covering Postal Service's "Such Great Heights" . . . ugh.
  • @MakeshiftBattleplan just cos you dont like it doesnt mean othe rpeople wont like it or use it in a mix, having a repetitive tune underneath a mix can make it sound wicked if ya get it right- plus like it says it didnt take long to make
  • @ArsenalGiantsPs3 why dont you fuck off if you dont like it- who the fuck are you to tell people what they can and cant remix- fuckin music fascist
  • Use your dubstep on some other shitty chavvy song. Hoppipolla deserves better then some crap remix or remake, Hoppipolla is real music with passion and emotion. Fuck off with your shit, go make a dub-shit of 'Be Good To Green' or some shit.
  • Congratz on ruining one of the most genius songs ever made.
  • @MakeshiftBattleplan that wasn't a wise man, just a small minded one
  • I like it!
  • A wise man once predicted something to me, "Dubstep will be the end of music". I agree.
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