mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Sigur Ros - Svefn-g-englar

les mieux notés

  • @chunks321 That's
    pathetic that you think that.... Englar=Angel(in Icelandic), they're
    using mentally handicapped people to represent these people's 'angel'
    like spirits and purity.  The music, like the video, is angelic,
    dreamy and positive, thus it fits the video quite well. I suggest that
    before you go and make a comment that sounds utterly ignorant and
    without compassionate, you actuallly look up what the lyrics are and
    spend some time with those who have mental handicaps.. they're angels.

  • this
    video is bringing tear to my eyes. SO beautiful.


les commentaires (3151)

  • @lacuriouscurator ... i
    think its just creepy

  • this
    video makes me smile

  • @lacuriouscurator what
    does the title of the song say in english.

  • i
    love the description 

  • Beautiful
    song and video, but does anyone know what "tjú" means?

  • Epic!

  • Beautiful.
    One of the best albums ever made.

  • Beautiful.

  • Seems
    like some people's utter ignorance is a roadblock for any reasonable

    don't have to like this, but anyone who can't acknowledge, that this
    piece of art can touch peoples hearts - make them experience either
    great happiness, sadness or a mix of feelings, that words can't even
    properly describe - must be truly ignorant.

  • Truly
    beautiful. I finally "get " Sigur Ros.

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